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Importance of Preplanning

Many people ask us about pre-planning funerals for themselves or for someone they are responsible for. At Ludvigsen Mortuary we usually see two types of families that come through the door. The first are those who will be needing some type of care facility now or in the near future and need to reduce those assets so they can receive social service help. We use Certificate's of Deposit at a bank or Funeral Insurance depending on the situation.

The second situation, are the people who are just looking and asking questions. There is not an immediate need or need in the foreseeable future, they just are trying to get some questions answered. They may not be looking to reduce assets, they just want information. These are just some examples of the families that are looking to pre-plan. It doesn't always mean to pre-pay. The most important thing to remember is to talk with family. Should you have any questions please feel free to call us. We encourage you to come in and meet and visit with us. Everyone's situation is different and each family is different.

Thank you,
Larry D. Ludvigsen
Jon C. Ludvigsen